Thursday, February 08, 2018

Appeal for Votes!

My historical novel Southern Sons has been selected in a best cover contest at Ind'tale Magazine. Would love to have some votes please.

Thank you!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

New Cover!

Hooked on You is my first contemporary 'chick lit' novel that was first published in 2009.
I loved writing this book as it was a different genre to my normal historical novels. I enjoyed the different pace and the funny aspects of my female character, Katie, she came into my head and seemed like a best friend from the start. She funny and modern and very honest about herself.
I hope you enjoy her story, which of course doesn't run too smoothly, but then, what in life ever does?

Hi, I’m Katie Edwards, 28 and single and living the life, that is until a few incidents occur which changes things. You’ll love Hooked On You and reading about my little adventure in finding true love and all that.
After leaving a leech of a boss, who enjoyed putting the personal in personal assistant, my best friend in the whole world, Joanna, tells me of a job vacancy as a PA at a sports magazine. So, I zip along, having to take the dreaded London tube, to the interview, and then later I meet Joanna at a bar in the middle of the city to discuss the chances of me actually getting the job.
Anyway, after a night out on the town, getting thoroughly smashed, I wake up the next morning still wearing my office clothes from the previous day and suffering a hangover of gigantic proportions. The phone rings. I’ve somehow managed to get the new job.
Well, I’d have celebrated if the drum in my head stopped pounding.
Now I work for a Mr Liam Kennedy, a sports freak, and I don’t even like sports. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t go on skiing holidays and the only time I run is when I’m chasing a bus, even then I soon stop and wave for a taxi. My job is to make his life smoother as he travels around trying out new sports equipment, interviewing celebrity athletes, reporting new sport crazes, etc. I’m supposed to book his hotels, find future people or companies to interview, etc, all very boring really and typical PA stuff. I can do that with my eyes shut.
At the moment, Mr Kennedy is in Cumbria, Northern England. I arrive at the hotel and have a fortifying drink in the bar while I wait to meet my new boss. Only, when I do, well, what can I say, he’s simply sex on wheels, the kind that model for men’s clothing in catalogues. Yummy!! I always wanted to work for a sexy boss, but really, you need to be careful what you wish for, because sexy bosses are a hazard to the heart. Before I could say hello, I’d fallen in lust with him.
Great. Terrific start.
Mr Kennedy, Liam, is totally drool-worthy and as we have dinner I find that I’m mesmerised and alarmed by my attraction to him. How could I work in a professional manner when all I want to do is hop into his bed? Difficult dilemma, I grant you.
By the end of the week, and let me tell you what a week it was, after fishing, we went mountain hiking and then horse riding, and I was sure Liam was either trying to kill me or enter me in the next Olympic games. Anyway, I realised lust has turned into love. Brilliant.
Ever been in love with your boss?
It stinks. Don’t do it, ever!
When Liam travels to Cornwall to see his sick grandmother, I’m told to return home and wait for Liam to contact me. For a whole week I’m in my tiny flat near Kensington miserable and in a quandary. Should I keep working for Liam and hope my feelings will go away, or do I quit and forget him? 
Liam calls the following morning, while Joanna and I are having a heart to heart talk. I’m thinking I need to quit working for Liam before I make a fool out of myself. He asks me to come to Cornwall and we’ll work from there while his Gran is sick. Should I go or should I stay?
I go.
Cornwall is lovely, Liam’s Mum is lovely, everything is lovely, but I’m sick with despair, as I know Liam is ‘the one’ for me. Does he feel the same way though?   
What should I do? Help!

Kisses, Katie. xx  

Hooked on You is available in ebook & paperback from all outlets.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Cover for Broken Hero!

Sometimes, as much as we try, not all covers work for certain books. I found this with Broken Hero, my World War II story.
I felt the previous cover didn't reflect the genre & era very well. So a change had to happen. Below is the new cover, which I feel is so much better. The woman on the front cover is 'Audrey' the main character in the novel. She works really well.

The new cover will be 'live' online this week, but the print version will be a little longer, but hopefully changed before the end of the month.

With war raging, can she heal his broken heart?

#WWIIromance #99p #EastYorkshire #Bridlington

Friday, January 19, 2018

Book number 17!

So, I've started a new story which will be book number 17.
After writing a few books in World War One, this time I'm going back to the Victorian era. It's set in York, Yorkshire, which is where I have set other books such as Kitty McKenzie and Aurora's Pride. I've researched Victorian York for some years and it is one of my favourite places to visit.

For the sake of this story, I'll be focusing on the poor areas of York as the main character, Victoria, becomes involved in assisting a doctor to help those more unfortunate.
Only chapter one is written so far, in a very rough draft form. I've more research to do as I write, but I'm looking forward to meeting the characters of this new book.

A Victorian street

Petergate, York.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!

Wishing all my readers a wonderful 2018!
I hope the whole year is filled with love and happiness!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Christmas to all!

This year I'm heading home to Australia (from the UK) to have Christmas with my family.

So instead of having cold weather and this....

I'll be having warm weather and this...

No matter how you all spend your holiday season, I wish you much happiness and enjoyment and safe journeys to see loved ones.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Friday, December 08, 2017

Foreign Edition - Norwegian cover!

I just wanted to shared the wonderful cover I have for the Norwegian edition of Where Dragonflies Hover. In Norway the book is titled, The Old House in Yorkshire, which I just love!


This is the English cover.

Where Dragonflies Hover
#WWI #splitera

Appeal for Votes!

My historical novel Southern Sons has been selected in a best cover contest at Ind'tale Magazine. Would love to have some votes please. ...